Every family deserves reliable leadership.

As a working mother of four, Valerie understands what it means to have others relying on you. She and her husband chose to make New Hampshire their home for its safety, quality of life, and inherent freedom. That's why she stepped up to run for State Representative. Valerie wants every family in Manchester to have a leader they can rely on to fight for a safe, prosperous community and a brighter future.

Why choose Valerie?

Valerie is committed to putting people over politics. For too long, the Granite State's leaders have played political football with issues that are too important to leave to the government. From school choice to medical freedom, Valerie is pro-choice on everything. She'll remove barriers to entry into New Hampshire's industries, work to bring an end to the housing shortage, and finally stop leaving vital economic activity to our neighbors in Massachusetts by voting to legalize cannabis.

The right choice for Manchester.

What unites all Granite Staters in spirit is the desire to live free and make our own choices, independent of the overreach of an interfering state. Valerie knows every New Hampshire family knows what's best for them and will empower our citizens to lead their own lives.

We can do this. Together.

If you're united with the cause of freedom and prosperity for generations to come, vote Valerie Sarwark for State Representative in Manchester Ward 2.